Orchid Bobbins

Let this set bloom on your pillow, the Twelve British and Twelve Tropical Orchids will brighten up your pillow with a splash of colour. Each is hand painted in very fine detail by Sue Edmond

Bee Orchid
Loose Flowered Orchid
Common Spotted Orchid
Fragrant Orchid
Early Spider Orchid
Military Orchid
Early Purple Orchid
Fen Orchid
Pyramid Orchid
Fly Orchid
Musk Orchid
Green Winged Orchid.
Ada Aurantiaca Punctata
Angraecum Leonis
Oncidrum Baricosum
Odontoglassum Alport
Cypripedium Alma Gaevert
Epidendrum Ibaguense
Coelogyne Ochracea

Please note, you do not have to buy whole set. You can pick and choose which ever designs you want

Styles available:- Continental, 11mm Flanders, Binche, Bayeux, Long Square, Short Square, International Square & Downton

You can buy these Bobbins individually or as a set

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