Egyptian Gods And Goddesses

A collection of 12 bobbins, hand painted by Claire Edmond.

Each bobbin has an Egyptian God or Goddess painted in fine detail.

Isis, Queen of the Gods
Set, God of Storm
Amon, King of all Gods
Geb, God of Earth
Anubis, God of the Dead
Reshpo, God of War
Ankhet, Goddess of the Nile
Bast, Goddess of Cats
Osiris, God of the Underworld
Kheper, God of Creation
Hathor, Goddess of Love
Ra, God of the Sun

The name of the God/Goddess and their meaning will also be painted on the bobbin

Styles available:- Continental, 11mm Flanders, Binche, Bayeux, Long Square, Short Square, International Square & Downton

You can buy these Bobbins individually or as a set

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