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Below is a video showing how the engraved bobbins are made using a Roland EGX-360 computer controlled engraving machine.

Below is my video which is unedited, a start to finish clip of how I turn a simple shaped Midland bobbin in ebony Shot from above the lathe on a iPhone. There are many ways to turn lace bobbins and I am not suggesting mine is right, its just how I have done it for nearly 30 years turning well over 150000 bobbins! As a professional bobbin maker I use the quickest, easiest reproducible way of turning bobbins to make this my business. If you copy my method, you do so entirely at your own risk! I am turning on a modified Myford ML8 lathe at around 6000rpm. The wood I am turning is ebony and I use 3 chisels, a 1" oval skew to rough down from a 8mm square to a 5.5 to 6mm dowel. A 1/2" oval skew for shaping the bobbin and a 3/16" parting tool for shaping the neck off the bobbin, and some shaping. Sanded with 240 then 400 grit paper, then finished with a friction polish. As you can see I turn one handed, my left hand just guiding the tip of the chisel, while the bobbin is always supported while running in my fingers If you copy my method, you do so entirely at your own risk! No clothing on your arms, no ties, no rings!

In the video below I show how I make a bobbin with "jingles" (captive rings, discs of wood that move freely on the bobbin, but can not come off, all made from one block of wood)


In the video below I show how I make a mother and babe bobbin. The Motherbobin is made from ebony and the Baby bobbin is made of bone.


Did you know?

I run a bobbin a month club, a quick and easy way to collect my Lace bobbins. No contracts or tie ins! Click here for more details.

My Lace Bobbins are sent all over the world.

I have thousands of satisfied customers,including, The Lace Guild, OIDFA, The Australian Lace Guild and countless lace groups worldwide

You can buy direct from me, or;
USA Agent, Lacy Susan.
Europe Agent, Bob-In.

Meet me at Lace Days and Fairs

20th Feb, Wessex Lacemakers

13th March Essex Lacemakers

19th March, Weald Lacemakers

9th April, Nottinghamshire Bobbin Lace Society

17th April, The Haydock (not jus) Lace Fair

23rd April, Lace Day Datchworth

8th May, Makit LQ&N Fair

15th May, South Wales Lace Makers and Needlework Fair

3-5 June, Kniplings Festival i Tonder

4th Sept, Cornish Lace Fair

10th Sept, Gleveum Lacemakers

1st Oct Makit Fenland Fair

15th Oct, The Great Northern (not just) Lace Fair

16th Oct, Tonbridge Lacemakers

19th Nov, Havant Lacemakers & Needlecraft Fair

3rd Dec, The Makit LQ&N Christmas Fair

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