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Meet the Artists

Sue Edmond

Sue started to paint for me in around 1993 and paints the following bobbins.

Animals, Birds, Butterflies, Canal Art, Celtic, Flowers, Herbs, Nursery Rhymes, Orchids and some commemorative bobbins. Not forgetting the Christmas range.

Claire Edmond

Claire started painting for me in the mid 1990s and paints the following bobbins.

Bronte set, 1000 Years of English Costume, Egyptian Gods & Goddesses, Famous Women of History, Famous Men of History, Henry VIII, The Saints. Some Flowers, The Wild West range and some Commemorative bobbins.

John Bowering

John First started painting for me in 1993 and paints lots of my Commemoratives, Pet Portraits as well as the African sets and the Lady and the Unicorn.

Sharon Hulin

Sharon started to paint bobbins in 2010 and paints the, Christmas Lace designs, Lace designs, the Sampler bobbins and the new Embroidery and Pottery ranges.

Ronny Payne

Ronny also started painting in 2010 and paints the, Fate free range, Above and Below the Sea and the new British Beach designs.

Kate Flood

Kate started painting bobbins in 2010 and paints the, Moonscape, Autumn Leaves and the Iridescent ranges.


Did you know?

I run a bobbin a month club, a quick and easy way to collect my Lace bobbins. No contracts or tie ins! Click here for more details.

My Lace Bobbins are sent all over the world.

I have thousands of satisfied customers,including, The Lace Guild, OIDFA, The Australian Lace Guild and countless lace groups worldwide

You can buy direct from me, or;
USA Agent, Lacy Susan.
Europe Agent, Bob-In.

Meet me at Lace Days and Fairs

20th Feb, Wessex Lacemakers

13th March Essex Lacemakers

19th March, Weald Lacemakers

9th April, Nottinghamshire Bobbin Lace Society

17th April, The Haydock (not jus) Lace Fair

23rd April, Lace Day Datchworth

8th May, Makit LQ&N Fair

15th May, South Wales Lace Makers and Needlework Fair

3-5 June, Kniplings Festival i Tonder

4th Sept, Cornish Lace Fair

10th Sept, Gleveum Lacemakers

1st Oct Makit Fenland Fair

15th Oct, The Great Northern (not just) Lace Fair

16th Oct, Tonbridge Lacemakers

19th Nov, Havant Lacemakers & Needlecraft Fair

3rd Dec, The Makit LQ&N Christmas Fair

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