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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you fit spangles?

Yes, I carry a range of pre made spangles that I can fit for you at a cost of £1.20 per bobbin. I will choose the best match for you. If you want a large amount of bobbins all spangled the same then I can buy in beads specially but I do not keep a range of loose beads in stock.

What are the delivery costs?

All my postage costs are on my How to Order page, click here

Do you paint special orders?

Yes, We can paint bobbins for almost any occasion you want. Adding a design and wording of your choice. See the commemorative bobbin page here.

Will the painting wear off?

No, under normal conditions of use the designs will stay intact. I use a very hard wearing lacquer and each bobbin is dipped 5 times to give a silky smooth finish that is incredibly hard wearing.

How long will my order take?

If I have the bobbins in stock then they can be sent out usually within 1-3 days. If the bobbins need to be made up then delivery is between 1-4 weeks. Commemorative orders and pet portraits can take up to 12 weeks. I can give you a better idea when you contact me click here.

Do you have a shop?

No, but you can visit if you make a prior appointment.

Can you paint People portraits?

No, sorry. Just animals.

Will you attend our lace event?

Yes, just let me have the details and I can then check my diary and hopefully attend your event.

Are the designs transfers?

No, all the design you see on my web site are beautifully painted by hand!

Can you paint my pets portrait?

Yes, just send me a photo by standard mail or email along with any names and dates you want added. More details here

What is Ebony?

Ebony is a timber that is naturally black in colour The ebony I use comes from West Africa

What Bone do you use?

The bone I use is supplied from Acorn Bobbins who only use cow bone from a small local business that deals in organic meat.