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Egyptian Gods & Goddess Bobbins

A collection of 12 bobbins, hand painted by Claire Edmond.

Each bobbin has an Egyptian God or Goddess painted in fine detail.

  • Isis, Queen of the Gods
  • Set, God of Storm
  • Amon, King of all Gods
  • Geb, God of Earth
  • Anubis, God of the Dead
  • Reshpo, God of War
  • Ankhet, Goddess of the Nile
  • Bast, Goddess of Cats
  • Osiris, God of the Underworld
  • Kheper, God of Creation
  • Hathor, Goddess of Love
  • Ra, God of the Sun


The name of the God/Goddess and their meaning will also be painted on the bobbin

Please note, you do not have to buy the whole set. You can pick which ever designs you want



**Continental , 11mm Flanders, Binche, Bayeux, Long Square, Short Square, International Square & Downton. Click here for image

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